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Media Guidelines


The Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission will hold public hearings from Monday 18 June, 2018.

Hearing dates and witness lists will be provided on the Commission’s website www.mdbrc.sa.gov.au once they are confirmed.

The Commission’s first public hearing is scheduled to take place between 10am-1pm, and 2pm-4.30pm on 18 June.

The hearings will be held in the David Spence Room, 2nd floor, Adelaide Town Hall, 128 King William Street, Adelaide.

Live audio streaming

Live audio streaming of the public hearings will be available through the Commission’s website, www.mdbrc.sa.gov.au.


Transcripts of the Commission’s public hearings will be available on the same day through the Commission’s website: www.mdbrc.sa.gov.au

Media attending hearings

Media are welcome to attend public hearings and there will be limited seats available at the rear of the hearing room.

The Royal Commission has granted permission for media to record the Senior Counsel Assisting’s opening statement on June 18. A pool camera and photographer will be permitted to record the opening statement on the condition images and recordings will be made available to other media and to the Commission.

Arrangements will be made ahead of the hearing, please contact the Commission’s Media and Communications Adviser on 0422 524 516.

Recording/filming/still photography

Please be aware that the Commission will not permit filming, including sound recording, and still photography of:

  • the hearing room (expect under approved pool arrangements)
  • the public gallery or witness area within the hearing room
  • the Commission’s reception and lift foyer
  • any lifts and the ground floor lobby of the building in which the hearing is being conducted.

Mobile phones, tablets, and other devices must be switched off or placed on silent while in the hearing room.

Non-publication orders

The Commission has powers to direct that any evidence not be published. A non-publication order may be made, varied and/or lifted before, during, or after a public hearing. It is the responsibility of the media to comply with any non-publication orders which will be published on the Commission’s website.


Interviews with witnesses, Counsel Assisting and members of the public will not be facilitated by the Commission, and are not permitted within the Commission’s premises.

Contact the Commission’s Media and Communications Adviser for further information on 0422 524 516 or email Catherine.hockley [at] mdbrc.sa.gov.au