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Media statement - Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission

31 January 2018

The Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission will now begin its work in regard to water use in the river system.

The South Australian Government has established this Royal Commission in response to concerns about water use across the Murray-Darling Basin.

People and groups that believe they have information to contribute to the work of the Royal Commission are urged to look at the Terms of Reference provided on the website: www.mdbrc.sa.gov.au

Shortly the Commission will call for submissions which address the Terms of Reference.

More information on the submission process will be provided on the Commission website in the near future.

Once the deadline has expired for the lodgement of submissions, and after those submissions have been considered by the Commission, dates will be set for public hearings.

Some interested parties who lodge submissions may be invited to give evidence at the public hearings. Other interested persons may be invited or summonsed by the Commission to give evidence.