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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the questions and answers below to find out more about the hearings that will be conducted by the Murray Darling Basin Royal Commission.

Will I have to come along to a hearing?

Hearings are held at the Commissioner’s discretion. People who have provided information relevant to the Terms of Reference may be asked to provide additional evidence. Depending on the nature of the information in your submission, you may be asked to participate in a hearing, or provide sworn evidence. If required, the Commissioner can also request organisations or individuals who have not made a submission to provide sworn evidence.

Further information about attendance at hearings will be available on the Commission’s website.

Are the hearings open to the public?

The Commissioner may choose to open specific hearings to the public. More information about public hearings will be available on the Commission’s website.

If I give evidence at a hearing, can what I say be used against me in court proceedings in the future?
If you give evidence during a hearing, any statements or disclosures you make are not admissible against you in any civil or criminal court proceedings, unless those proceedings relate to an offence under the Royal Commission’s legislation. The Royal Commission Act 1917 is available on the South Australian legislation website www.legislation.sa.gov.au.
Where can I get further information or assistance?
Please call 1800 842 817 (freecall from landlines) or (08) 8207 1483 for further information about the Royal Commission.
Will the Royal Commission investigate a specific matter I have raised?

It is not the role of the Royal Commission to investigate specific cases. A specific case may, however, form part of the inquiry if it highlights an issue described by the Terms of Reference.

If a criminal case arises during the investigations, the Commissioner will refer the matter to the appropriate authorities.

How do I contact the Royal Commission?
You can contact the Commission through its website www.mdbrc.sa.gov.au; by mail GPO Box 1445 Adelaide SA 5001; by email mdbroyalcommission [at] mdbrc.sa.gov.au; or telephone (08) 8207 1483 or 1800 842 817 (toll free from landlines).